The Land

The Land is a giant continent stretching almost from pole to pole. Each coast stretches over 10,000 miles North to South and has about 100 miles of inhabitable land between the ocean and an impassible mountain range. Estimates of the distance East to West across the Land vary from 900 to 4000 miles. No one really knows.

The Land is old. It has seen the rise and fall of many races/religions/empires. Back through time as far as it can be traced there have been amazing creations/inventions which have since disappeared. The impassible mountains are “new”. None of the tales mentioned them until the most recent epoch began, about 1000 years ago. Earlier stories tell tales of a veritable Eden/a burning hell/an icy wasteland/a desolate plain/a glowing pit/a crevasse of horrors/a land of plenty/a domain of magic/ a magic dead zone and just about any other description you can imagine residing between the two coasts.

Cataclysms are not a stranger to your homeland. By most reckonings you are living in the 5th age. The fifth time sentient life and civilization have crawled back from the edge and started to make their mark on the Land. The diverse eras have left heritage. One of those is a rich choice of religions and deities to choose from, if you lean that way. Not all societies have freedom of religion, but that doesn’t stop the diehards. Yes, another part of that heritage is weird stuff no one can explain, magical relics, ruined monuments, etc.

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The Land

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