Marius D'Vinn

Divine warrior of Pharasma


Wears scale armor and wields a greatsword (AC: 16, HP: 12)


Marius is from the western lands. He was born and raised in a logging village near Lake Gryndon. A large proportion of the timber for the surrounding region is provided by this logging operation and sent down the river to settlements in the south.

Marius’ father, Lyndon, is a woodcutter. Lyndon is a man of the land and taught Marius basic survival skills in the wild. Marius’ mother, Christine, is a local healer. She doesn’t possess magical powers, but provides poultices and salves for the townsfolk. Marius’ parents are of modest means, but saved enough to send Marius to study at a Temple of Pharasma in the city of Almaroth.

During his training, he met Taenaran Brylee, a cleric with whom Marius travels.

Marius D'Vinn

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